Cosmic Mega Brain


Founded in late 2007 by Jesse O Wade, Francisca Aires and Francesca Laura Cavallo, Cosmicmegabrain have curated and produced a number of collaborative art projects in the UK and abroad.  This website is the archive of Cosmicmegabrain projects since his inception to their last event in 2012. CMB members have now moved on into individual careers and projects. For further info please contact



Cosmicmegabrain was initially formed after an invitation to organise creative projects at Cordy House, a disused warehouse in Shoreditch, East London. Committed since the beginning to explore alternative artistic formats, CMB has worked with Artists, Designers, Musicians, Dancers and Scientists to produce one-night-only curated events with a strong emphasis on public participation.


This approach was CMB response to the shortage of financial resources but also to their desire to “put art on trial” by exploring the potentiality of confronting it with other disciplines and contexts. This also inspired CMB to produce manifestos that ridiculed and at the same time embraced art’s ambition to elevate civilization by loosely referring to current affairs and trends: a self help campaign (Help Yourself!), a recruitment agency advert (Manpower), risk management marketing materials (Is This a Warning?) to name but a few.

The project T.R.I.A.L, was conceived as a series of questions. Artists, in the capacity of experts/specialists, where invited to “solve the bafflements of the cosmos”. After Is This a Warning?, a parody of risk management,   Does Dark Matter?, CMB last project revolved around various demonstrations of more or less scientific laws and experiments, from a playful approach to a serious science and a serious approach to pseudoscience.

Besides the now demolished Cordy house, CMB has also exhibited at the Daghar Centre in Beirut, in the Lisbon’s street Rua Poco dos Negros, Rome’s MACRO Mattatoio and Shoreditch Studios in London. Their collaborations  have included Beirut based 98weeks research project, Italian design studio Intuiva, Lisbon based theatre company Cao Solteiro and producer Ana Francisca Amaral and London based The Sit Down Affair, Hoxton Loft Society, NTS and Louise O Kelly.