Cosmic Mega Brain


T.R.I.A.L.: Is This a Warning ?_London 2012




Saturday 26 May 2012  / 7.30pm –2.00am  / 29 New Inn Yard EC2A 3EY / Art, performance music for one night only curated by Cosmicmegabrain / Lucy Beech, Luciano Foglia, Ben Fowler, Patrick Goddard, Fantich & Young, Emer O’Brien, Solina Hi-Fi and Jim Woodall / in collaboration with Hoxton Loft Society / Kryprian and Black Manila DJs



For millennia mankind has co-existed in relative harmony with an acceptable level of risk.  We all know that risk is a part of life and that life is fraught with danger.  But do we really understand just how many perils there are, waiting for us, even actively stalking us? STOP. REALISE.

“Safe” has very nearly become a word without any real meaning.

Is this a warning? brought to you by T.R.I.A.L., is a public awareness event highlighting the prevalence and diversity of the dangers brought about by risk.  Through a phenomenological enquiry, it is hoped that this campaign will unveil new insights into the very real risks of risk. Showcasing revolutionary new theories and methods, T.R.I.A.L. proposes a participatory strategy for the provision of increased risk reduction public awareness activities.

T.R.I.A.L. is a new cycle of one night only events of art, performance and music in a unique venue in Shoreditch curated by Cosmicmegabrain with entertainment by Hoxton Loft Society.

T.R.I.A.L. is a testing ground for socio-phenomenological experiments, realised in collaboration with a broad range of specialists. By engineering spheres of engagement designed to demonstrate the effects on humanity of life’s numerous challenges, we intend to examine the forces that shape our behaviour and fundamentally forge our future.  Our mission is to assemble and galvanise those who strive to understand and utilize these forces, to leverage the power of collective perceptions in an attempt to solve the bafflements of the cosmos.

ZONE 1 : 7:30pm – 11pm artworks by Luciano Foglia, Ben Fowler, Patrick Goddard, Fantich & Young, Emer O’Brien, and Jim Woodall

ZONE 2 : 10pm – 2am music by Kryprian and Black Manila DJs. Light installation by Luciano Foglia

  Set in thematically simulated environments, with strictly controlled parameters, participants will engage with and respond to specialised stimuli, within a limited frame of time units.
  In the second phase, zone 2 will function as an arena for verbal-active expression and the release of reflexive responses to the experience of the first phase.   The environmental conditions will mimic those of enhanced social-interactivity, with a balance of variable musical sounds and constant intoxication via alcohol assimilation.


T.R.I.A.L.: Is This a Warning ?_London 2012